iRescueRadio 008: Dirty Scrubs, Coffee is Good for You, Top Stories of 2008 and more

This episode of iRescueRadio covers the impact of wearing scrubs outside of the hospital, and the disease that resides within those scrubs.

The talk then turns to coffee, as new research is suggesting that coffee is actually good for you.  Or at least better than we had initially thought.

The topic then turns toward health care and check-ups via the internet.

Sleep is next on the agenda, as it is a very valuable part of life, and can help to combat disease.

After that is a long discussion on vaccinations.

All of this and more in this episode of iRescueRadio.  We’ve packed a lot of discussion in this one, and we hope that you enjoy it!

iRescueRadio Episode 8 [Download]


Hospital Scrubs are a Germy, Deadly Mess (Wall Street Journal)
‘Third-Hand’ Smoke — the Dust Finally Settles
(ABC News)
Coffee may protect against oral cancers (MSNBC)
Salmonella outbreak sickens 388 across U.S.: CDC (Reuters)
Measles Spreading in European Children as Parents Shun Vaccine (Bloomberg)
Go ahead, sleep in — it’s good for the heart (MSNBC)
Doctors Will Make Web Calls in Hawaii (New York Times)
Rundown of CNN’s top health stories of 2008 (CNN)

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