4 Must Have Items For Winter Weather Preparedness

In this episode, I talk about how I almost headed out on the road without my back up winter weather gear. But then I thought better of it and practiced what I preach. I thought I’d make it into a RoyOnRescue episode and show that we all have to be disciplined to prepare and not get caught off guard. I hope it helps!

Trick or Trauma! Tips for a safe All Hallowed Eve.

Trick and Treating can be a very fun way to celebrate Halloween but it can also pose some dangers.  In this special Halloween episode I wanted to quickly cover a few tips on how to protect our children and ourselves this Halloween.  Be sure to check out this episode to freshen up on some easy ways to ensure a lot more treats than tricks or trauma.

Happy Halloween!



Turkey, Road Rage and Trauma Oh My!

What does Turkey, Trauma, and Road Rage have in common? Black Friday! In this episode of RoyOnRescue, Roy shows how crazy it can be when waiting in line for that “perfect” gift that one could just die for?

Don’t miss this episode of RoyOnRescue where Roy sheds some light on how to stay safe while getting those Black Friday bargains.