iRescueRadio 035: The five fears of CPR, Comments from ProCPR, Cats eating chipmunks, Is it a key remote or dongle?

This week’s episode of iRescueRadio covers the Five Fears of starting CPR: Fear of disease, lawsuits, uncertainty, hurting a person, and safety. Nationally only 26% of the time will bystanders start CPR out of the hospital. We hope to dispel these fears so more lives will be saved.

A small disagreement cropped up during our conversation on what a car remote-dongle-keychain-thingy-whatever is called. We brought in some expert advice to give the correct answer.

iRescueRadio Episode 35 [Download]

Roy Shaw

Roy is the lead trainer and co-founder of ProTrainings. He is also an EMT paramedic whose opinions about rescue come from many years of experience on the ambulance.

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