What I’ve Been Up To?

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and I certainly haven’t quit Video/Blogging.  This was a really wild week with one of my partners at ProCPR.org getting married this weekend.  The summer is usually a bit slower in the training arena but not this year!  We had one of our busiest training summers yet.  I’m excited to say that the team and I have got some pretty exciting opportunities that we are going to launch this Fall.

These activities combined with some really incredible questions coming from you have all added up to a very full and exciting Fall season.   My friends at Rescue 3 have asked me to help in the area of Triage Training for Laypersons.  This is a great question and I’m taking a little extra time adapting what is normally training for professional rescuers into an easy to understand format for the volunteer Good Samaritan that may happen to be on a scene where there are multiple patients, like the horrible crash in the Mojave Desert races.

So,  I’ll be back at it soon and I can’t wait to talk again soon.

Best Wishes,

Roy Shaw

Roy is the lead trainer and co-founder of ProTrainings. He is also an EMT paramedic whose opinions about rescue come from many years of experience on the ambulance.

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