iRescueRadio 025: Smells, Sales, Face Transplants and Snake Bites

This, the 25th episode of iRescueRadio starts with a conversation about growing up and the smells associated with it.  It is followed up by a discussion on multi-level marketing sales schemes.  The next topic is about a woman that had a successful face transplant, after having been extremely disfigured.

For the stumper of the week, it’s all about a snake bite.  What do you do if you or a child is bit by a snake that you barely see before it disappears?

iRescueRadio Episode 25 [Download]

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iRescueRadio 020: Diet can help control Epileptic Seizures, Choking Episodes, Population leaving Michigan

This episode features a look at Epileptic Seizures, and what foods can help to control them.  Or can they?

This is followed by discussion on the state of the economy in Michigan as the rate of families leaving this state is on the increase.  The numbers will astound you.

What would you do if your child starts to choke?  This week’s stumper question covers the issue.

iRescueRadio Episode 20 [Download]

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