iRescueRadio 034: New Format: The Good, the Bad and the Training

During a summer hiatus of about three weeks, we decided it was time to retool the show.  What we had, while good, was starting to get into nothing but politics, without rescue or health included.  I, as the producer, recommended finding the last week’s health and medical press releases.  It would have been this week in health.  That format, however, has been shelved for now, as we wanted to try something different.  Instead, they are going to look at a positive comment, a negative comment and then a good question, training or otherwise, from the last week that a lot of people would like to know the answer to.

It makes for a shorter episode of about 22 minutes.

iRescueRadio Episode 34 [Download]

iRescueRadio 019: New Show Format, Dangers in the Dental Chair

This episode we have a new format.  One that includes some new music, as well as some new features for the program.  Things a little bit more broken up now, with fewer topics, but more in-depth training.

In the episode, there are four main parts:

Hot Topic: This is going to be the topic of the week that can come from just about anywhere, but will mostly be medical in naturl.

Top Medical News: This is much like “Hot Topic” but will always be something medical, along with some expert training advice.

What Would You Do: A feature that plays a scenario out, and then asks what you might do in that situation, and the provides a bit of advice on what you should do.

iRescueRadio Episode 19 [Download]

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