iRescueRadio 015: Tornadoes picking people up, and Gorilla and Wild Animal Attacks

This episode we talk about tornadoes.  More specifically, a couple of stories involving a tornado picking up a person, and setting them back down.  We have a first hand account of this happening from someone that we managed to get on the phone.  Listen in!

We then move to the chimp attack that happened recently, as well as other gorilla and wild animal attacks, and how to survive or take preventative measures.

iRescueRadio Episode 15 [Download]

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Roy Shaw

Roy is the lead trainer and co-founder of ProTrainings. He is also an EMT paramedic whose opinions about rescue come from many years of experience on the ambulance.

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2 comments on “iRescueRadio 015: Tornadoes picking people up, and Gorilla and Wild Animal Attacks

  1. Hey guys, great show! I just wanted to say, as far as wild animals go, if it has been with it’s owner in an intensive program like police go through with their canines AND there is some circumstance that requires this person to have a companion animal such as used by people who are blind AND a domesticated animal cannot function in the same capacity AND an inspector has been out to the place of residence to verify that there is a cage and it’s a suitable home, then I’d support licensing for wild animals–NOT to be out in public driving cars or unattended and NOT something that a Glock won’t put down with one well-aimed shot. Otherwise, Americans have quite enough to keep themselves occupied without endangering public safety by satisfying every whim. I think people should learn to talk to other people, and if you can adopt a chimp and give it lobster and wine, you can probably adopt, you know, a *human* child. That said, I feel sorry for both the woman Sandy and her friend who was injured. My hope is that if restraint cannot be ingrained then legislation will protect the common good. Best to you all and your families, Phoenix, pre-nursing student

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Phoenix, and well put. I think you’re speaking for many of us, and it helps to know that there are people like you that are thinking about the repercussions of the decisions that you make and how they effect those around you. It says a lot about your character as a person and makes you someone that I would likely trust with medical care.

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