Tornadoes and How To Survive.

“I don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore Toto!”  This was a famous line from a very good and classic movie, The Wizard Of Oz.  However, many people experience tornados each year and suffer great loss and damage as a result.  In this video blog post, Roy Shaw, EMT-paramedic and host of RoyOnRescue will share video clips of real tornados caught on video and some ideas on how to protect yourself your loved ones and others during the watch and warning phases of a devastating storm like a tornado.  It’s spring and it’s tornado season.  You won’t want to miss this episode.

Here’s a link from OSHA about how to prepare your workplace for a tornado.  Tornado Safety Link

iRescueRadio 015: Tornadoes picking people up, and Gorilla and Wild Animal Attacks

This episode we talk about tornadoes.  More specifically, a couple of stories involving a tornado picking up a person, and setting them back down.  We have a first hand account of this happening from someone that we managed to get on the phone.  Listen in!

We then move to the chimp attack that happened recently, as well as other gorilla and wild animal attacks, and how to survive or take preventative measures.

iRescueRadio Episode 15 [Download]

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