When Is Cell Phone A Weapon?

Viewer Discretion Is Advised Due to Graphic Nature!

In this episode of Roy on Rescue, Roy Shaw had received an article on his desk from AutoWeek.com.  It was an article that talked about the growing danger of drivers who are using not only there cell phones to talk, but to text message while driving.  After Roy interviewed a full time professional dispatcher from  a leading ambulance provider, and heard the same message, he decided to write this article and include this most disturbing yet realistic video.

Viewer discretion is advised! Graphic reproductions of actual car crash injuries are included in this video.  The desire of showing this video is not to create anxiety for anxiety sake, but to create a disturbing awareness that will change behaviors while driving vehicles.  We all have loved ones that drive everyday.  Even if we as drivers don’t use the phone while driving, that doesn’t stop the driver in front of you, beside you or in back of you!

Let’s create a new and safer environment and prevent needless accidents…Now.

If after you view this video you decide to show it to your teenage drivers, please educate them to the graphic nature and then talk about the public service announcement after you view it together.

Please spread the word.  Everyone’s life may depend on it.

Roy Shaw would like to specially thank the United Kingdom for producing such a realistic and educational Public Service Announcement in this fight against accidents and cell phone misuse.

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