iRescueRadio 002: Stem Cells, Overworked Doctors, Cancer Vaccine, Asthma, and Sleep

irescueradioep2This episode of iRescueRadio was originally released in November of 2008.  In it we discussed how stem cells have shown to help the body accept an organ transplant; we investigated the reasons for misdiagnosis of asthma and other illnesses, such as overworked doctors and excess paperwork; a new skin cancer vaccine is discussed; and the power of sleep as a memory aid and an important agent to fight cancer.

iRescueRadio Episode 2 [Download]

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Can Deadly Spiders Live In Store Boxes? Can Computers Track The Flu? Find Out Now!

This episode was originally recorded in 2008.  It was our first broadcast of 45 total before we ended the show. 

On this week’s iRescueRadio, we cover stories ranging from a Canberra, Australian man who gets bit by an extremely deadly  Australian Brown Snake… and lives! Next, a boy in Belding, Michigan is bit by a black widow spider…guess where it came from!  And then, we cover Google Flu Trends  and a hilarious look at the effects of music on your health.  All this on this episode of iRescueRadio.  Listen now by clicking on the play arrow below.


iRescueRadio Episode 1 [Download]

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iRescueRadio 029: Shark Attack Survival, Birds Falling from the Sky and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Welcome to the 29th episode of iRescueRadio.  It’s hard to believe there have been so many, but it’s been a great run so far, each new episode is better than the last.

This episode we talk about a man who survived a shark attack.

The next topic is about birds falling from the air in Australia.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is the top medical news this week, as it, like most other things, has been linked to health problems.

The puzzler this week has to do with animal attack survival and what to do.

iRescueRadio Episode 29 [Download]

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