Roy’s Back from Wisdom Teeth Extraction!

Hello Everyone!

I am taken back at the kindness and encouragement that I received during this wisdom teeth procedure. I wanted to let everyone know that it went very well, with no complications after one week. For those of you that didn’t have it so easy, my heart goes out to you. Other than eating very soft food or liquids for about a week and worrying that I was going to get a condition called “Dry Socket” it has been very non eventful. For those of you who still must get your wisdom teeth pulled…I hear it’s better to do it when you’re young because your jaw bone is less dense and the procedure not only goes more effortlessly, but heals in a shorter amount of time.

I’m looking forward to video blogging on some very interesting topics that have come to my attention and it’s great to be feeling better.

P.S. I do wonder however, if anyone else thinks that getting their mouth numbed makes them a little “brain-dead” too? Hmmmm.