Roy’s Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed!

Hello Everyone. Well, as the subject line suggests, I will be a bit out of the loop for the next few days while I recover from getting not 1, not 2, not 3, but all FOUR wisdom teeth pulled. The good news, or so “they” tell me, is that all teeth have erupted,(this is suppose to mean the procedure will go better) are not impacted and should be a “sinch”! Hmmm. Why do I feel skeptical but in Good Faith I march forward with the procedure. In the meantime, I wanted to include an educational, though quite simple, video on what the procedure includes for wisdom teeth extraction. I suggest this video because it didn’t turn the stomach unlike some other educational but graphic videos located on YouTube under Wisdom Tooth Removal. For those of you whom I spoke with prior to this procedure, who did not have such a simple procedure, and you know who you are, I’ll be thinking of you while undergoing the procedure.
So, please say a prayer for me while I undergo the knife and I want you to know that I looks forward to my next video blog entry when the swellings gone.