iRescueRadio 004: Christmas Safety! Reindeer Accidents, Winter Sports, Decorating Dangers and Injuries, Tree Fires, Sledding and Ice

This episode of iRescueRadio covers Christmas safety. We start out talking about an accident involving Reindeer and a six car collision.  This is followed by followed by Winter sports safety tips.  What should you bring with you when you take the kids sledding or skiing?  Is there need for a helmet?

After that we talk about Ice, snowmobiling, and injuries related to decorations and tree fires and more.

iRescueRadio Episode 4 [Download]

Show Notes:


Christmas Tree Safety Links
Steve Spangler Science
Comparison of Dry Tree Fire With and Without a Sprinkler System

Reindeer involved in Six car collision (sctimes)

Safely Decorating Your Christmas Tree (kyw1060)

Christmas Decorations – Safe Holiday Decorating Tips (eZine Articles)

Roof Safety while decorating – Safety Statement from OSHA

Safe Work Practices

* Keep your center of gravity low and over your feet.
* Keep your knees bent and be aware of things around you.
* Don’t carry too much or have your hands too full.
* Don’t drop things or let them roll off the roof.
* Go up and down ladders facing the ladder.

Danger of Outdoor Ice Skating, how thick is safe? (City Source)

Snowmobile Safety Tips (Wisconsin State DNR)

Sledding Safety (University of Michigan – Your Child)

Stay safe while Holiday Shopping (MedicineNet)

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