iRescueRadio 012: 911 Drug Deal; Tom Daschle; Unsafe Injection Practices; Medical Mysteries

This episode, we talk about a man who puts a 911 dispatcher on hold to buy drugs.  Not only that, but we have the audio from the phone call!  Hear the 911 call record in this episode.

We move into Tom Daschle’s withdrawal and the effect it will have on Healthcare reform.

After that we discuss unsafe injection practices that could spread HIV and other diseases.  Apparently 1 in 100 needles is re-used.  This is atrocious and should never happen.

Lastly, we delve into Medical Mysteries.  We talk about what happens when you keep your eyes open when you sneeze.  How about your funny bone?  Why is it called that and what is it really?  Are yawns really that contagious and why?  And what about laughter… is that contagious as well?  We found the answers.  Hear us talk about that in this episode!  And don’t let the bed bugs bite.

iRescueRadio Episode 12 [Download]


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9-1-1 caller puts police dispatcher on hold to make a drug deal, lands in jail (
Daschle’s Withdrawal Might Affect Obama’s Health Care Overhaul Efforts (Medical News Today)
Wall Street Journal Examines Unsafe Injection Practices That Could Spread HIV, Other Diseases (Medical News Today)
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