iRescueRadio 030: Cellular Phones and Cancer, When to Call the Doctor, Jokes & Age and Faulty Speed Sensors

This episode of iRescueRadio covers many great topics, starting with a problem with raccoons and what to do about them.

The next topic is about speed sensors taking the blame for the Air France crash.

After that is a discussion of the cancer risk that is associated with cell phones.

The stumper this week is about when you should call your doctor versus calling 9-1-1.

iRescueRadio Episode 30 [Download]

Signs and Symptoms related to life threatening emergency:

  1. Airway problems
  2. Breathing Difficulty
  3. Decreased level of consciousness
  4. Major uncontrolled bleeding
  5. Deformed or Unstable Severe Pain
  6. Extremity Pain
  7. Signs of Shock
  8. Back Pain or numbness/paralysis

Cellular Telephone Use and Cancer Risk (National Cancer Institute)
iPhone High Risk of Cancer…? (MacRumors Forums)
Air France CEO doubts faulty speed sensors caused crash (CBC News)
Jokes not as funny as you get older (

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