When Abdominal Pain Calls For 911!


hitinthestomachIs abdominal pain a reason to call 911?
“Abdominal pain is pretty common, how do I know when to call the doctor or when to call 911?” -email sent by rescue fan.


I noticed that some Rescue Fans were wondering about when to call 911 or know when they should seek help after they get hit in the stomach. Great question! Abdominal pain can be everything from simple gas to a life threatening bleed. In my opinion, one should call 911 whenever the pain is causing decreased level of consciousness, is unbearable, rigid abdomen, pale skin, blood in urine or feces or anytime that voice inside is saying, “something isn’t right”. Then, if its nothing, great! But if it is serious, time is short and fast action to the hospital is vital. I hope this helps!

Stay well!

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