iRescueRadio 031: Obama’s Health Care Reform, Weight Gain and Depression

This week’s episode of iRescueRadio covers many topics, such as Obama’s health care reform, which has been all over the news lately.  We’d like to get your response to it, so feel free to comment on our blog.

The other big topic this week is the connection of weight-loss to our sense of smell, or weight gain to symptoms of depression.

Listen in, and feel free to comment on your thoughts.  What are you doing to lose weight?  What do you think of the health care reform?  Do you even care about it?

iRescueRadio Episode 31 [Download]

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Sources – Weight
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5 comments on “iRescueRadio 031: Obama’s Health Care Reform, Weight Gain and Depression

  1. Medicare for all provides the maximum coverage for th e least amount of money. Perhaps we can get back up near the top of international rankings of health care systems in the countries of the world.
    Medicare has the lowest administrative costs and eliminates the $300 billion excess cost of private insurers and eliminates the huge costs that all providers expend chasing down insurance money as well as the costs that employers have to pay that makes them non-competitive with other manufacturers in the world.
    Estimates of the cost of Medicare for all is around $3000/person that would include no deductible, no rejections due to previous or present
    illnesses and would cover eveyone thereby increasing the productivity of our citizens. We win on every facet.

  2. your panelists are uninformed and unaware of the data regarding the quality of care in this country vs the rest of the world. in fact more procedures are done in the United States. we are falling behind in life expectancy, infant mortality, disease morbidity and mortality.
    Ridiculous observations that attempt to ignore the data. please get informed with the original sources rather than Fox News, CNN,
    Paper work?? is the reason we are behind??
    what a disappointment in this show. please get informed before expressing your ideas

  3. The Obama health care plan will just put us deeper in debt to China and the health care quality will decrease. More than likely there will be a cap on wages of the doctors and caregivers to decrease cost. Less people will be inclined to enter the health care field. This plan is not good for America. Take a closer look at the health care in Canada, and the wait times there and the mortality rate of the seniors. Lets wake up, do we want the care to decline and a huge shortage of health care providers. History has showed socialism does not work. Lets stick with the America we know. We may have to make some changes to improve our health care system but socialism and goverment control is not the answer.

  4. November 28th – It’s still a big problem. Well American people thinked that “OBAMA Yes We can” was a god, but It’s just Marketing…
    Now we know that he is a normal man with really hard problems. Let’s see how can he handle it.

  5. I have to agree with Gary. I think this healthcare program will be trouble. Not sure how we pay for it and not sure what we get out of it!

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