Here’s A Test Question. You’re At The Scene Of A Car Accident…

In this episode of RoyOnRescue, Roy replies to a comment that was submitted by a student who questioned the logic as to why offers a test that would give a scenario about a car accident when it wasn’t specifically covered in the training.  Roy helps shed some light on this by applying the basic principals of basic CPR and First Aid as it relates to “Scene Size Up”, Scene Safety, and patient assessment.  He also shows how the universality of Emergency First Response can usually be applied to almost every situation.

iRescueRadio 028: Booster Seat Laws, Dangerous Vehicles and Car Accidents

This episode of iRescueRadio starts with a quick discussion of the strange sounds of digestion that happen from time to time… and sometimes at the most inopportune times.

This week’s hot topic is about laws that are up for vote regarding booster seats in Michigan.  The laws are with regard to age, and not height.  If you’re shorter than 4’8″ you’re in danger of injury in a car, regardless of age, but the laws refer only to age, being 8 years of age for the cut off.

The top medical news story is a discussion of vehicles that are fun but not necessarily safe.

For the puzzler this week, if you come across a victim that was thrown from a car in traffic… what do you do?

iRescueRadio Episode 28 [Download]

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