How To Survive A Multi-Car Pile Up

Hello Rescue Fans!
In this episode, we breakdown a real situation that occurred this year where over 122 cars were involved in a multi-car pile up that resulted in 1 fatality and 22 others going to the hospital. How would you survive this situation and is there something you can do to ensure you have a better chance to make it out alive?  You may want to watch this video today!

Here’s A Test Question. You’re At The Scene Of A Car Accident…

In this episode of RoyOnRescue, Roy replies to a comment that was submitted by a student who questioned the logic as to why offers a test that would give a scenario about a car accident when it wasn’t specifically covered in the training.  Roy helps shed some light on this by applying the basic principals of basic CPR and First Aid as it relates to “Scene Size Up”, Scene Safety, and patient assessment.  He also shows how the universality of Emergency First Response can usually be applied to almost every situation.