I’m Going To Eat This If It’s The Last Thing I Do!

Ever think to yourself, “I’m just a bacon cheeseburger away from a heart attack?” Well you might just be. Newer research is showing that high saturated fat and unhealthy foods effect our overall health more than we realize. In fact, those who have cardio-vascular disease could determine if they are going to have a heart attack today or tomorrow simply based on what they decide to have for supper!

Author Bonnie Liebman wrote an article where it said; New research suggests that if your arteries are partially clogged with plaques–and if one of those plaques happens to rupture several hours later, that fatty meal could be your last.

“Hours after a fat-rich meal, an individual is at a higher risk of a fatal heart attack than at other times,” says researcher George Miller of the Medical College of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London.

Remember, the signs of heart related chest pain can be similar to pains you’ve felt in the past. But if you are experiencing pain in your chest, radiating up into your neck or down one or both arms, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, weakness and sweating, you may be having a life threatening heart attack. Don’t drive yourself into the hospital. Call 911 or have someone call 911, sit in a position of comfort, try and relax and let the paramedics treat you while you’re on your way to the hospital. Paramedics can give medications such as; aspirin if you haven’t already taken one before they arrive, nitroglycerin, morphine, and in some regions of the world maybe even blood clot dissolving medications. Either way, the ambulance knows the secret in getting you seen very fast and not having to stop at the front desk. In fact, in many cases the paramedics bring heart attack patients who have already been confirmed with certain 12 lead ECG results right into the Cardiac Cath Lab. This time savings could mean the difference between life and death. Time is heart muscle when it’s starving of oxygen due to a blocked artery.

Please don’t try to dismiss it as heart burn or gas. Chest pain should always be investigated and if it’s not something that you can 100% say is a pulled muscle, you should get evaluated by medical professionals.

The heart is a wonderful muscle and it works every second of every minute of our whole lives. Let’s not kill ourselves one bite at a time. In fact as I write this blog, I’ve decided to do something a little special to try and get healthy myself.


Roy Shaw, EMT-Paramedic
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P.S. I’m sharing a great video by the British Heart Foundation. My good friend and business partner introduced this to me. Please feel free to send the video to anyone you think might be at risk for a heart attack and is too stubborn to listen to the symptoms.