Meteorite Explodes Over Russia Injuring Thousands!

I tried to release this video episode on Friday and unfortunately had some media problems. I wanted to make sure to address some of the questions regarding how people could be injured by the Meteor explosion if it never hit the earth. Great question, because the meteorite entered earths atmosphere so fast and burned so brightly when it came in, it drew thousands of peoples attention and they went near windows to gaze up at the aftermath of it’s entry. While people were standing by, the sonic boom was so loud, it shattered windows, caved in buildings and in some cases even blew in doors. The shards of broken glass was the greatest cause of injuries. But some reports said there could have been ear drum damage, some eye and vision disorders and I believe even one cardiac arrest though this may be hard to confirm. If you have any interest in what happened want to see shocking footage and how these injured people could have protected themselves, be sure to watch this episode of RoyOnRescue.

iRescueRadio 023: Spruce Grows in Man’s Lung, Bed Bugs Return, Allergic Reaction to Bees?

This episode starts with a discussion about a tree growing in a man’s lung.  He had a spruce growing, and it was five centimeters long.  That’s our top medical news of the week!

The hot topic of the week: Nocturnal bed bugs are re-emerging!  The fact that we don’t use DDT anymore, means that bed bugs have begun making a come back.

This week’s What the heck would you do?  What do you do if you get stung by a bee or a hornet and you have an allergic reaction?

iRescueRadio Episode 23 [Download]

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