iRescueRadio 031: Obama’s Health Care Reform, Weight Gain and Depression

This week’s episode of iRescueRadio covers many topics, such as Obama’s health care reform, which has been all over the news lately.  We’d like to get your response to it, so feel free to comment on our blog.

The other big topic this week is the connection of weight-loss to our sense of smell, or weight gain to symptoms of depression.

Listen in, and feel free to comment on your thoughts.  What are you doing to lose weight?  What do you think of the health care reform?  Do you even care about it?

iRescueRadio Episode 31 [Download]

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iRescueRadio 005: Learn CPR by SMS, Foot Grows in Baby’s Brain, Immune System at Night, Money Inspired Weight Loss, Strangers effect on Happiness, and Five Holiday True or False Questions!

In this episode of iRescueRadio we start out talking about a rarity in health and science, with a foot being removed from a baby’s brain.  From there, we talk about the Australian Red Cross’ new software that can teach you CPR via SMS.

We go into the effects of the immune system at night, weight loss with money as an incentive to lose the weight and how the kindness of strangers can cheer you up.

At the end, we discuss five holiday true or false questions!

iRescueRadio Episode 5 [Download]

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