How To Survive a Flash Flood

Ahhh…Spring is in the air. What a lovely time of year. The air becomes warmer, birds begin singing and the snow begins to melt. Now, just add some strong spring rains and…you’ve got floods! Right now, the National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for the North Central U.S. In this episode of RoyOnRescue, we take a look at flash floods, how to be on guard and how to survive one if you are ever caught off guard.
Don’t miss this episode of RoyOnRescue and get ready to be safe and help others be safe that might be at risk for flash flood emergencies.

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Roy, RoyOnRescue

iRescueRadio 043: Fleas and Floods

“My dog has fleas…” well, Jody wishes it was only his dog that has fleas. Join the iRescueradio guys as they have some fun discussing the blight that Jody is facing in his new house. On a more serious note, the guys discuss the flooding in Pakistan and suggest some things you can do to help.

iRescueRadio Episode 43 [Download]



Pakistan Flood: