Professional Rescuers and The Good Samaritan Law

In this episode of RoyOnRescue, a newly licensed Medical First Responder asked if they might be at a higher risk when they try to help a citizen now that they are licensed.  Though this can be a scary and ever present problem in the world of professional medicine, it’s very rare for anyone to get sued or especially lose a lawsuit when it comes to helping people who have medical needs.  In this episode, Roy sheds some light on how most Good Samaritan Laws work and how any rescuer regardless of their level of training and license can help others while staying well within the guidelines of the Good Samaritan Law.

Best Wishes and a Blessed New Year From Roy and The Whole RoyOnRescue Team!

Minnesota Good Samaritan Law

Does CPR Save Lives?

Roy Shaw, Paramedic and Trainer explains how CPR works in detail and how it can help save lives. Many people think that CPR saves lives by keeping people alive artificially. Roy helps to clarify what is really happening when you begin CPR.

Many people think that if I keep doing cpr the person will stay alive. The fact is, the person is already dead if they need CPR and even cpr done less than by the book will give the person a better chance at survival. In this video Blog, Roy explains that people don’t die from poorly done cpr, people die because CPR is never started. If you don’t want to be another one of those people who misunderstands how CPR works and how you can make a difference by trying to help, you may want to watch the video now!