Tragic Comedies, Why Some People Die and Others Don’t After Accidents

Ever wonder why some people die after an accident that should have never killed them, while others survive accidents that you know should have resulted in death?  So does Roy Shaw, EMT-Paramedic, and in this video blog Roy takes a look at how to handle these situations from a rescuer standpoint and how to prepare ourselves in case an emergency does arise.  Roy believes that when it comes to providing life saving CPR, a pound of prevention is worth a ton of cure!  Roy continues to urge everyone to take a CPR training before an emergency arises, so that you might know what to do in order to give the victim the best chance at survival.  The only thing tragic about CPR is when one takes it for a joke.

Watch the second very interesting video which shows a professional skydiver who survives a parachute failure and a 12,000 foot fall and lives to tell about it!  For more on injuries from falling out of bed, click this link.

Let’s Focus on Your Strengths, Not Your Weakness.

Ever dread going to work in the morning?   Ever feel like you were being put down or made to feel less talented  for things that don’t seem to come easy or naturally?

In this video blog, Roy promotes a book called StrengthsFinder 2.0, by Tom Rath, Number 2 best selling book by Wallstreet Journal, where the book interacts with a test online in order to  help one describe their  top five strengths that can be used to their fullest at home, at play and in your professional life.

Too many times, people allow others to make them feel inadequate or less talented than another simply because of a mismatch of natural and acquired strengths.  Watch this video for a short promotion of this very helpful new book.

Does CPR Save Lives?

Roy Shaw, Paramedic and Trainer explains how CPR works in detail and how it can help save lives. Many people think that CPR saves lives by keeping people alive artificially. Roy helps to clarify what is really happening when you begin CPR.

Many people think that if I keep doing cpr the person will stay alive. The fact is, the person is already dead if they need CPR and even cpr done less than by the book will give the person a better chance at survival. In this video Blog, Roy explains that people don’t die from poorly done cpr, people die because CPR is never started. If you don’t want to be another one of those people who misunderstands how CPR works and how you can make a difference by trying to help, you may want to watch the video now!


Why are there questions on the ProCPR Test that aren’t on the Videos?

For those of you who have wondered why ProCPR has test questions that aren’t covered on the video trainings, here is your answer.  Roy Shaw, Paramedic and Instructor for explains the answer to this question and has some good news at the end!

Classroom is Cure for Insomnia

Ever wish you didn’t have to go to another CPR classroom?   Ever wonder why after sitting through 4 to 8 hours of training you can only really remember the first 5 to 10 minutes?  In this video blog, Roy Shaw, Paramedic Instructor explains the negatives of a traditional classroom CPR course compared to the benefits of self paced Online CPR training.  Roy caught a cold and it reminded him of how much he hated having to go to class, or teach a class when he was sick.  With eLearning, you’ll never have to worry about going to another boring class.   In fact, if you take CPR with ProCPR, you may be able to drink your favorite beverage while wearing your bunny slippers!