Cruel World Getting You Down? Watch This Video For A Lift!

A great video of a firefighter who found a casualty from a house fire.  It’s bad enough tokitten loose things in a house fire but when a family loses it’s pet, it can be like losing a family member.  This brave firefighter took the time to use his life saving passion and skills to save this little kitten.  Need a pick me up in a cruel world?  Watch this video.

Keep on rescuing!

Your Dog Is Sick, Could It Be Poisoning?

In this episode of RoyOnRescue, Roy covers the top ten poisons that most often send “Man’s Best Friend” to the Vet. Over 100,000 dog poisonings occur each year and most of them are from products we have right in our own home. The symptoms can include:
-Upset Stomach
– Neurological problems
– Diarrhea
– Burns
– Respiratory Difficulty
– Cardiac Problems
– Seizures
– Coma
and even death. Dogs are a beloved part of the family and the last thing we’d want to worry about is that our sweet pooch got sick or died because of something we forgot to put away, pick up or clean up. Watch this episode to learn in just a few minutes how easy it is to prevent unnecessary dog poisonings.