iRescueRadio 011: NBC’s The Office covers CPR Training; The Octuplets; recorded in a StarBucks!

Sorry this episode is late this week, but we promise, it’s a great one.  We recorded this episode at a StarBucks location in Grand Rapids, MI.  Thank you, StarBucks, for giving us permission to record there!

This week, we discuss NBC’s The Office, where they had a CPR class in the workplace; following that is a discussion on The Octuplets.  What are the ethics involved?  Do doctors have the right to make all decisions?

iRescueRadio Episode 11 [Download]

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iRescueRadio 009: Hudson River Plane Crash, Psychological Impact of a Plane Crash, Surgery Checklists, Coffee linked to Alzheimer’s Risk, Hallucinations

This episode we talk about the Hudson River Plane Crash along with the Psychological Impact of a Plane Crash.

We then go into Surgery Checklists, which are linked to a much success rate in surgeries.  Much higher than the study anticipated.

Finally, we are back at the coffee talk.  This week, we discuss coffee’s link to Alzheimer’s Disease and Hallucinations.

iRescueRadio Episode 9 [Download]

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iRescueRadio 008: Dirty Scrubs, Coffee is Good for You, Top Stories of 2008 and more

This episode of iRescueRadio covers the impact of wearing scrubs outside of the hospital, and the disease that resides within those scrubs.

The talk then turns to coffee, as new research is suggesting that coffee is actually good for you.  Or at least better than we had initially thought.

The topic then turns toward health care and check-ups via the internet.

Sleep is next on the agenda, as it is a very valuable part of life, and can help to combat disease.

After that is a long discussion on vaccinations.

All of this and more in this episode of iRescueRadio.  We’ve packed a lot of discussion in this one, and we hope that you enjoy it!

iRescueRadio Episode 8 [Download]

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iRescueRadio 005: Learn CPR by SMS, Foot Grows in Baby’s Brain, Immune System at Night, Money Inspired Weight Loss, Strangers effect on Happiness, and Five Holiday True or False Questions!

In this episode of iRescueRadio we start out talking about a rarity in health and science, with a foot being removed from a baby’s brain.  From there, we talk about the Australian Red Cross’ new software that can teach you CPR via SMS.

We go into the effects of the immune system at night, weight loss with money as an incentive to lose the weight and how the kindness of strangers can cheer you up.

At the end, we discuss five holiday true or false questions!

iRescueRadio Episode 5 [Download]

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iRescueRadio 004: Christmas Safety! Reindeer Accidents, Winter Sports, Decorating Dangers and Injuries, Tree Fires, Sledding and Ice

This episode of iRescueRadio covers Christmas safety. We start out talking about an accident involving Reindeer and a six car collision.  This is followed by followed by Winter sports safety tips.  What should you bring with you when you take the kids sledding or skiing?  Is there need for a helmet?

After that we talk about Ice, snowmobiling, and injuries related to decorations and tree fires and more.

iRescueRadio Episode 4 [Download]

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